25 Things You Realize When You are at 25


  1. Your bucket list gets longer and longer
  2. You feel time is never enough to do the things you wish to do
  3. You know when people are bullshitting you
  4. You can tell who are your friends and foes
  5. You become fearless
  6. You learn to let go and forgive
  7. You start to manage expectations both ways: the expectations others have on you and those that you have on others
  8. You start to see the good innate nature in people
  9. You appreciate every small little thing in life
  10. You care less about things that don’t really matter
  11. You stop bothering about what others think of you
  12. You get to discover who you really are and what you want
  13. You know exactly how to enjoy life
  14. You develop your own opinion for almost any topic and are brave enough to defend what you stand for
  15. You know when to speak up and when to shut up
  16. You are complete by yourself and your happiness does not depend on external circumstances or persons
  17. You know how to reach out to your inner peace and tranquility
  18. You stop comparing yourself to other people and being caught up in the vicious self-torment
  19. You know you are perfect just the way you are (not in the sense of narcissism) and people who love you will love you just because of that
  20. You are still probably wild and crazy at times but under control
  21. You spend time with people who are worthy of your precious time
  22. You become more critical and analytical
  23. You know how to protect yourself (at least emotionally)
  24. You genuinely feel grateful for your own past mistakes/failures and different colors of people you have encountered so far
  25. You realize life would be soul-less if not for the people around you



Laugh a little louder. Smile a little brighter. Love a little harder.


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